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I overheard a great expression yesterday that got me thinking (as I have many times before) about the wastefulness of worry:

“???’? ???? ??????? ℎ??????.”

Do you do this? Fixate on an anticipated problem and, in effect, start behaving as if it were real ― devoting your time and energy to thinking about it and agonizing over all the terrible potential outcomes?

The truth is, when you walk out to meet trouble halfway, the overwhelming odds are, you’re going to be stood up! Almost none of the things people worry about ever come to pass.

And those few worries that do materialize into real-life challenges? They won’t be prevented by sitting there worrying about them. It only brings their effects into your life sooner. Meeting trouble halfway …

The next time you find your mind occupied with worry or start a sentence with, “ ?’? ??????? ????? …”, take a step back and ask yourself: Is this worry based in any sort of fact or truth?

For example, ...

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September 21, 2020

The Rubin Report is hiring! We are looking for an editor with experience in live video production.

We will not be hiring based on skin color, gender or sexuality. Sorry progressives.

I’d love to hire someone from the community. We’ve hired several of you for Locals!

Email jobs @ rubinreport . com

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“Toy” pic time!

My Panzer Pro AR-12 shotty arrived today. So stoked.

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