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Do you guys feel it already?

  • This nervous, visceral excitement?
  • A still somewhat subdued rumbling in the back of your mind, like a powerful train 🚂 coming nearer from a fair distance, but you can discern it clearly when you listen?
  • A feeling almost like being a child of 6 again and feverishly awaiting Xmas and S. Claus bringing the great stuff, hopefully?
  • The mindset you're in when you're traveling on a plane 🛩 from abroad and can't wait to get home again and make yourself comfy in your cosy living room, with family and a favorite pet on your lap?

Well, you're not alone in this!
On my clock, it's merely another 25 hours from now… before I'll settle before my large screen, put a nice beer on the table, get ready for the start of…


(And maybe, just maybe, we'll catch a glimpse of David rushing in to bring another drink 🥃, when Dave decides all the news need a good Scotch…
and they have to let Clyde ...

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