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September 01, 2020

You can mentally mix exciting experiences from your past and present that will prepare you to develop an interesting vision for your future. Or, if you are not mentally alert, you could very easily reverse the process and reflect on some unpleasant experience or failure from your past that would cause you to see only the negative circumstances that exist in the present.

This sort of mental activity would automatically develop a negative attitude and prevent any productive planning for your future.

Our past experiences and our present circumstances have absolutely no power other than that which we choose to give them.

As each of us visits where we have been many times each day, get into the habit of giving your mental energy to your past accomplishments, your successes, the experiences which brought great joy into your life. You would then only see all of the opportunities that surround you. Positive circumstances will pop up one after another. Where you are now, suddenly ...

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Newsom and the stormtroopers should be at my door any moment now. Today’s DM in the content section now!

Merry Piss-Mas 2020

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