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September 02, 2020

MY HOMEWORK for the debate with Mom. She wants me to research "Trump using his properties for government business and charging the US for it." Here is my counter argument. Anything to add? Did I miss anything?

Hi Mom!

Here is what I found out. What this is referring to is that president Trump, when he travels, stays at his own hotels and properties.

So it’s impossible to know how much a president “traditionally” spends in US Taxpayer dollars on travel without comparing to other presidents. Here is a link to the NTUF (National Taxpayers Union Foundation) which has been reporting on presidential travel. Obama is second in foreign travel – only behind Clinton.

So the only issue you could have with this is that Trump is paying his own properties when he stays somewhere. He would need to pay the secret service regardless so we can’t include that cost. So, here is ...

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