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September 02, 2020

Defeat Prejudice

I was thinking this morning about our human nature to subjugate reason to tribalism. When the news presents a story and identifies political affiliation, people will run to their corner to make excuses for, or demonize based on their allegiance.

What if the news presented the facts only, omitting briefly the labels that tend to divide us into our respective tribes? What if the things we tend to be prejudiced about were not present in the story, even going so far as to make up the political affiliation, skin color, gender, etc of those involved? We'd be forced to interpret the facts alone and attempt our best to determine what was right, and what was wrong.

Only after having time to emotionally and rationally process the story would the prejudicial information be revealed. It would force us sometimes to have compassion for the other side, or to feel anger and disgust for our own side.

After all, it's immaterial in specific incidences what political ...

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Woke up early today so I could bask in the delight of my tree. There is something special about all of it. I'm so grateful for all of the amazing people in my life. And somehow this tree represents that.

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18 hours ago

Turkey stuffing cranberry sauce salad on challah. (Chopped and mixed with gherkins and mayo.)

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November 26, 2020

Though @davidjanet is doing most of the cooking, I do open the wine. Hope you’re all having a wonderful (and delicious) day...

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