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Bernd Michalski@Bernd-M
September 02, 2020

Dear @DaveRubin,
good, fresh start after your month off – and looking good, better as ever!

Just watched your first "direct message" show. btw I am not necessarily convinced that this would be the best possible title for this endeavor. Not saying it's bad, not at all. But a "new" title for a new kind of appearance… maybe that would do it more justice, over time?

Of course, you couldn't possibly fit everything that's worth saying into this first episode, so no blaming here at all. BUT regarding the – as you said yesterday – gross Harris persona, you mentioned her "qualification" as a supposedly black person. Well, actually, that's a lie, at least mostly. She's half India and half Jamaica, plus her Jamaican father is coming off an elite family of former plantation and slave owners. She and her family have nothing to do with poor black Africans shipped over to racist America and being exploited.

And the other thing is, you seem to have a penchant for calling ...

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I was going to post a story about another RINO endorsing Biden. But instead, enjoy this sea otter. It makes me happier.

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September 26, 2020

Saturday soundproofing...

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Bingo 💡

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