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September 03, 2020

??????? ?ℎ?? ?????. You see that phrase a lot around here. It’s my tagline, and I just love it.

What I love is that it communicates so succinctly an incredibly important fact that you must understand and implement if you’re going to achieve what you want to achieve.

After ?ℎ? ?????? came out, a lot of people (who hadn’t seen or read it, only heard about it) believed the idea was that if you just sat around and thought about what you wanted in life, it would magically appear. Some tried this, didn’t get what they wanted (of course), and never tried again. Others used this mischaracterization to deny the truth of the Law of Attraction altogether.

Both groups had it wrong.

The power of thought is without question. It is the essential starting point; the electricity that activates the source of all creation. If you don’t form a clear, firm vision in your mind of the results you want to achieve, you will never achieve them ― because they will never come ...

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Your headline of the day, ladies and gentlemen...

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Scenes from rural Missouri: Old House by Bob Crow.

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