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September 04, 2020

Calling It

My wife is saying I can't hang the Blue Thin Line flag. Our neighborhood has more than a few BLM posters. I wanted to show my next door neighbor (who is a PDX cop) that he's got local support by my flag. My wife is a woman, so has a natural proclivity towards feeling bad for others and generally accepting leftist ideologies. All her peers have been through med school (and are youngish), so they are Orange Man Bad by default. My assumption is that she doesn't want to alienate our friends with the flag. There's no chance we'll do that, because our friends are true liberals in that they live and let live.

Anyhow, I've seen zero Biden bumper stickers, and that's significant considering Hillary was awful yet I saw those stickers. Couple of trucks have been driving around with Trump flags and cheering, in this liberal neighborhood. I'm calling it, Trump by a bigger margin than last election.

My wife said she is voting, but I told her that her vote doesn't count in Oregon.

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