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September 06, 2020
Today, I want to share a simple idea with you that can powerfully change your life:

?? ??? ???? ???? ??? ???? ??? ??? ???? ??.

Once I accepted this idea … and acted on it in a certain way, it was the turning point in my life …

You see, when I was 26, I earned $40,000 a year and was strapped with $60,000 of debt. I believed it was the best as I could do.

But then I met a man who taught me that I could be, do, and have much more. And he gave me the tools to get results I had never dreamed were possible. In less than five years, my income quickly jumped.

The important thing here is ??? that I made more money. It’s that I followed a system to change my life.

In other words, my life transformation wasn’t a fluke. It was a ???????. And I was so taken by what I had learned that I studied and practiced it for years until it became part of my DNA.

??????? ???? ??? ???? ?????’? ???? ?? ?? ? ???????

Getting what you want doesn’t have to be any more mysterious or uncertain than using a computer to balance a budget. Enter the correct numbers and you get a perfect result. Of course, to do this you have to understand how to use the computer’s programming in the right way.

Alvin Toffler once said, “?ℎ? ?????????? ?? ?ℎ? 21?? ??????? ???? ??? ?? ?ℎ??? ?????? ?ℎ? ?????? ???? ??? ????? ??? ?ℎ??? ?ℎ? ?????? ?????, ??????? ??? ???????.”

His words are so true. If I hadn’t learned a new way of doing things, I would still be a penniless, unwell, and despondent man because I would have continued to do what I had always done.

????’? ??? ?? ?????

If you want to change your current conditions, it’s important that you understand how the mind ?????? works. Then, instead of being stuck in old, unproductive patterns, you’ll be able to joyfully and easily shape your destiny.

Here are the three basic steps:

1. Your conscious mind chooses thoughts and turns them into pictures.
2. Your conscious mind then turns the pictures over to the subconscious mind.
3. Your subconscious mind, which can’t distinguish between real and imaginary, expresses the actions and results that align perfectly with the picture you provided.

Scientists estimate that only about 3 percent of our processing powers come from the conscious mind. The rest of it comes from ???? ???????? — ? ????????? ?? ?????, ???????, ??? ℎ????? ?ℎ?? ℎ??? ???? ??????? ?? ???? ???????????? ???? ???? ??? ???? ?????.

So, consciously you might be thinking something new, but subconsciously your paradigm (old set of ideas) is controlling your results.

For instance, you might say, “? ???? ?? ???? ?? ?????? ?????? ???? ?? ????ℎ?? ??????.” But your paradigm, based on the subconscious mind’s previous programming, dictates the amount of work you do and your effectiveness. It even controls the amount of money you earn.

??? ??? ?? ?????? ??? ????????? ?????????? ― ????????!

I know it sounds like, with its incredible power, the subconscious is the boss. But, the truth is ??? are meant to be the boss. And there is a proven way to manage this powerful asset and get it on board in order to make real and lasting change in your life.

If you think of your mind as a computer, you realize that your subconscious mind always takes the programming you give it and runs with it. So, as the CEO of your life, it’s your job to make sure that its programming is in perfect alignment with your goals.

Here’s where Alvin Toffler’s wise words kick in …

??? ??? ?ℎ?? ??? ???? ?? (1) ??????????? ?ℎ?????? ?ℎ? ???ℎ? ??????????? (????????), (2) ????????? ?? ????????? ?ℎ? ????????? ?? ???? ???????????? ???? (??????????), ??? (3) ????????????? ???? ???????????? ???? ???ℎ ????????? ?ℎ?? ??????? ?ℎ? ??? ???? (??????????).

When you do that, you get the results you want like clockwork.

?? ????? ??? ???????? … ???% ?? ??? ????

I’ve used this system ever since I was a broken 26 year old. Now, some 32 years later and I still use this science to make my dreams come true.

But, you don’t have to be down and out for this science to transform your life. It also works for people who are riding high …

For example, Sandy used to run a tremendously successful law practice. In 2006, she started learning the science I teach and she finally understood why she had been so successful all of her life.
Without realizing it, she had spent her life practicing the very principles I espoused, and exemplifying their power.

Right then, she ???? her next mission in life was to join forces with me (???? ?ℎ???ℎ ?? ℎ?? ????? ???) to teach others how to do what she had done.

Three short years later, after running a law practice for 22 years, Sandy closed its doors to run her new enterprise ― where she ?? ??? ????? ?ℎ????? ?????? ?ℎ? ??????? ?? ?ℎ?????? ?ℎ??? ????????? ?? ?ℎ?? ??? ??? ?ℎ?? ?ℎ?? ????.

While Sandy’s story ?? amazing, it is also ???????????.

Why? Because she decided what she wanted and then she applied the principles to get it.

?????? ??? ??????? ??? ?????? ??? ??? ?????? ???? ??? ??????

You absolutely ??? make your dreams come true, too. And, based on my experience and the experience of many others, if you are willing to ?????, ???????, and ???????, you ????.

If you accept this concept, it will be your turning point. Just as it was for me, Sandy, and countless others.

To your success.
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