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September 07, 2020

Ok it’s a little late but I have questions. I am mistaken that the logical outcome of Transgender Theology is that there are no gay men and lesbians? That if you love a man you must be a woman? I played in a Gay men’s hockey tournament in LA a few years ago. Being the only straight man on the team I was called upon to decide whose nail polish worked best with our jerseys. These were hockey players. They were expressing, in other ways beside nail polish, a feminine side. I cannot define what gay is, but I’ll say these were men, men who loved other men. I scored the winning goal in OT. I got flowers for a month. I love those guys, men like me...#8

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Old girl needs a bath just like rioters need to get a job I'm getting tired of all this i hope people get there crap together soon

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