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No Merlackery!

Let's lighten up folks.
All is not lost!
Question Joe Hiden in the debates about the current status of these worries. I asked my brother if he knew anything about these things. He only gets his news from Main Stream Media. You know the answer.

Three things that have been used to worry us and demand we stay in the basement and be frightened.
1. Climate Change
2. Wuhan China Virus
3. Surface contamination reference air travel and shopping.

When we talk about number 1, we have come to the conclusion we need inexpensive power that does not pollute. That comes down to the need for safe nuclear power. But the roadblocks to nuclear have been mountainous. Until now.

The construction of the first small plant is scheduled for 2029. More in 2030. Read about it here.  

How about the Chinese Wuhan Killer bug? Well, vitamin D has been used in a blind (gold standard) study in Spain. Great outcome ...

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Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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Dave is LIVE in 5!

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Just walked through the entire mall without a mask. Yessssss.

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