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September 09, 2020

I have lots of things going in my life, and at times they become a jumble and I have trouble sorting them out in my mind. The result is that I often end up feeling overwhelmed and not knowing which to tackle first. When this happens I realize that I’m so into my head and out of my body that I’m not at all in touch with the “now”.

So, this month I’m reflecting on what I call “being present”. “Being present” means that I focus on what I’m doing/feeling right now. Not on what I did yesterday or will do tomorrow, but right now Amazingly, when I do this for at least 10 minutes, it clears my brain, relaxes my body and I’m once again able to concentrate.

There is something very calming and peaceful about being “in the now”. Stopping everything and becoming aware of what my body is doing. Is my breathing deep or shallow, where are my muscles tense, am I warm or cold, etc.?

When I am “present” I also notice what’s happening outside my body. ...

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