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Eric Boyd@ericboyd
September 10, 2020 Unofficial Creators' Call
Friday, September 11
11:00 am Central (12:00 pm Eastern)

If you're a creator (or thinking about becoming one), an advisor or a super-fan of a locals community, please join us as we talk about:

• New strategies for building community members
• Increasing engagement
• Integrating your locals community with your physical business

We will also be talking about how you can take part in an October book tour by Vesper Stamper on the release of her latest novel "A Cloud of Outrageous Blue"!

Let's catch up after the Summer hiatus, ready to accelerate into Fall as creators help creators succeed.

Join the call through the FREE community for creators:

@ExitingTheCave @vesperisms @RoseAndFiddle @ReturnToReason @James_Day @Eng_Politics @Verboten @TorridLuvr @Dontletitgo @Nanook @1des0f1deas @Nevernown @Arynelaine @SmileSyndicate @RedPillPatriot @MrMorgen @Jake1 @hannibalMonk...

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Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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