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September 10, 2020

Well. I tried. Made it through one quarter of the NFL opener. I started groaning when nearly all commercials had a BLM theme or "wear your mask" message. My blood boiled when Biden's campaign ad said Trump was to blame for the violence in the streets and the wrecked economy. I threw up in my mouth when Patrick Mahomes (the highest paid person in the NFL with a $450 million contract...and is also Black) did an Adidas commercial and outright praised BLM for their "peaceful protests". He literally says those words.

I'll try watching one more time when my Saints play. As a lifelong fan (born and raised), I'm likely watching only to see how far my heroes have fallen under the control of Marxists.

...still looking for the reset button.

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Went to a friend’s birthday party at her unbelievable house last night. Fantastic music, food and atmosphere. @davidjanet even got me to dance. Of course the police showed up and apologized for even having to be there. After a little chaos the party continued. Life finds a way! (Yes, there were fire-wielding belly dancers!)

How’s your weekend going?

20 hours ago

About to get a haircut. Think it was time...

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