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Bernd Michalski@Bernd-M
September 11, 2020
It will not surprise you that I too can very intensely remember when I first learned about the horrific terrorist onslaught on WTC NYC.
I had been busy doing some DTP work in my place and not paid any attention to the outside world. Only the day after I saw the news and was absolutely disturbed by the whole bloody thing. Who would have imagined something like that might ever happen!?
That very day or the next, not quite sure, I went to the local protestant church, seeking some consolation with a service there that had be arranged on short notice. Only to learn that the official keepers of faith had no intention whatsoever to provide just that: solace and prayer.
Instead, they were busy making political arguments, like please God, don't have the US politicians (the younger Bush president) take any action whatsoever against the wrongdoers! That really was their main concern at that point.
They had abandoned their faith and any traditional dogma long since, apparently.

I was appalled. That was about the last time I went to a protestant service, actually. And I've left the church some time later officially.
While I still consider myself a christian believer. But not a supporter of leftist political activism under the guise of a church.
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20 hours ago
Facebook has upheld Donald Trump’s suspension but will revisit the decision in six months. (Ridiculous for many reasons including that more coordination for January 6th happened on Facebook than anywhere else...including Parler.)

Curious if you guys are even on Facebook anymore. I see lots of messages from people who have deleted it or just don’t use it. Are there any features that you miss which we should incorporate here on Locals?
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A big welcome to all the new folks who joined the community today! (And yes I’ll be signing those cards and mailing them out to you ASAP!)

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13 hours ago
Friend in Texas just sent this to me. Sign of the times...
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