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September 11, 2020

Escape Planet Earth with the song New Planetoid!

This song was on our September 3 podcast episode, linked below.

We will put this on streaming platforms when we have a set of songs for an album. Until then, this one's for you!


Weary travellers cast your sight upon the gleaming globe
Filled with tears, you gotta trust those disbelieving eyes
Pink whisps of cloud, a chunk of land, a heaving, purple sea
Across the stars we've finally found a home for you and me

New planetoid
It's smaller than Earth was
New planetoid
But it does all that Earth does
New planetoid
I'm thinking we should stay

These animals are crazy, the horizon is too close
The water smells, the sun's too bright, the landscape is too flat
Our old world was much better, there's no disputing that
But it took three days to get us here so I ain't going back

Find this song on the September 3 episode entitled Burn Frown Town Down. ...

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