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Bernd Michalski@Bernd-M
September 12, 2020

When the president did his July 4th speech at Mount Rushmore, many people were quite excited about it and considered it a crucial moment for his re-election efforts.
I dare say yesterday Donald Trump in some ways exceeded the patriotic and uplifting feelings of that day.

He – as you have probably noticed – made public the normalization of relations between Israel and Bahrain, in a remarkable presentation in the Oval. It seems he is actually able, with the dedicated people around him, and doing things rather differently than the infamous Washington "Insiders" of decades, to bring ACTUAL PIECE to the middle eastern region. That alone is an achievement of VAST HISTORIC proportion.

He awarded the congressional medal of honor to a brave ranger who saw a maximally dangerous rescue mission through, saving the lives of more than 70 people, representing the best in the souls of the American military.

And he participated in the annual commemoration of "flight 93", the ...

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Fine work by The Babylon Bee...

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September 21, 2020

The Rubin Report is hiring! We are looking for an editor with experience in live video production.

We will not be hiring based on skin color, gender or sexuality. Sorry progressives.

I’d love to hire someone from the community. We’ve hired several of you for Locals!

Email jobs @ rubinreport . com

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“Toy” pic time!

My Panzer Pro AR-12 shotty arrived today. So stoked.

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