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September 12, 2020

I held my tong on 9/11 and did not say anything political. Now, on the day after, I'd like to say, as Todd Beamer did just before he and the passengers of flight 93 took control of the plane to stop Islamic terrorists from crashing it into our nation's capital, "Let's roll."

Here in 2020, the terrorists are domestic terrorists who need to be stopped from burning down our cities and destroying our American way of life. We need to stop Antifa and their Marxist fellow travelers, such as Black Lives Mater, the Democrat Party and their accomplices in the Mainstream Media. In order to stop the anti-American movement, we need to reelect President Trump and vote for Republicans in the House and Senate in order to keep the great American Ship of State from crashing and burning. Let's Roll!

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My greatest accomplishment!

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