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Kelvin Pell@Kelvin_Pell
September 12, 2020

My email of complaint to our state broadcaster the BBC today......

Just in case you thought CNN and MSNBC and the NFL and NBA were the only ones.....


Cowardly pandering to marxist organisations 

During an interview with the Liverpool player Trent Alexander Arnold, who ironically, had just spoken about the importance of family, hard work and being grounded, your piece inevitably moved into pandering to the dreadful marxist "black lives matter"

What the hell is WRONG with you people? Do you not get that this is an avowed revolutionary marxist organisation, expressly against the family, marriage, hard work and committment - that couldn't care less about lives of any kind; those of black people or anyone else? Have you actually looked at their website and manifesto? It is evident and pure racism.

Why is our national broadcaster cravenly obsessed with these extreme organisations and constantly pushing their hateful agenda?

What's next? Can we expect an analysis of...

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