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September 14, 2020

In a dream I had the other night a manager at work was showing a new employee around. This manager explained that she had recently come out as trans and that she was on her way to becoming a man. As she was saying this I saw her family and felt how shocked, crushed, and disappointed they were.

In the next significant part of the dream the three of us were in a vehicle going towards the center of town. The manager then said, "The only way to become successful is to start a business." Then, in more of a transmitted feeling than in actual words, she made it known that her new trans identity was an integral part of a business she was planning on starting.

When I woke up I was a little confused because that manager isn't trans in the slightest. I soon realized it was a message to me. I’m not transsexual, but there are parts of me I don't make known to everyone which makes me feel like I'm not being who I really am.

The message I took away was that I would only be successful ...

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