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The Leftist Media's 'end-game' is to be able to push a legal nullification of hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots as - "Dictator Orange Man won't give up the White House" !!!!!!
All of their talk about having the military "remove him by force" over the last several months was not just idle chatter. Rather it was to stoke the flames of the protests & give the rioters the nod that THY should be ready to remove him if the military does not. Remember Lafayette Park ??

An UNinformed, UNDERinformed or worse MISinformed society is a dangerous thing. Think of the Black Voter constantly turning out in large numbers for the Dems. Now, just take a guess at which segment of the population is Anti-vaccine?? Now guess who is feeding them their news.

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Douglas Murray: A Dire Warning for America..

November 25, 2020

I know it’s not Meme Monday but I had to share...

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