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Please get this on the radar of your Governor and Representatives. Below is my email to Gavin Newsom, feel free to copy. Source info here:

The post-election plans suggested by the Transition Integrity Project (TIP) are frightening (see
To make sure California does support such dangerous actions, can you answer these two questions in the affirmative?
1) Do you reject threats of secession from Democrat-led states to get their way electorally?
2) Will you pledge to not appoint electors contrary to the vote of the people of your state?

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Black Mulch Matters! Hope you’re having a great Sunday...

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Did you know 22 veterans commit suicide everyday? Did you know that the suicide rate has gone up with the general public tremendously this year because of isolation? Just be aware when you’re engaging with people around you. We never know what others are going through. And holidays...during Covid...job effed up election...are a recipe for this. Be extra kind right now. I only say this because I am a veteran and I’ve worked with them. Have a great week.

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November 28, 2020

Saturday, 2:38 pm.

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