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September 16, 2020

@bulqueenie @Anorton Good morning Yoko. As the sun was going down yesterday there was a definite haze in the sky. Could the smoke from the fires have reached the east coast? Broke my own rule last night. I mistakenly thought that a video on a history type channel via YouTube would be OK to submit a comment. Being fairly knowledge about WWII and German army units, Waffen SS units in particular. I disparaged the tactics of the Red army and the callous nature of their command structure, toward their soldiers and civilians alike. Not dissimilar to the madman in charge of the German army.
Not exactly revelation. The amount of vitriol that was directed at me personally, while I should have expected it even though it was a historical video, still was dumbfounding.
So I blame myself and stick to my rules...only RR and Artspot...
Mr. Playfair on his fall from the other coast...

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From the Beverly Hills Rally

Random person posted this pic that I just happen to be in. Note the sign above!

How’s my Keith Olberman impression?

Recreated his insane rant during today’s Direct Message. Full video in the content section!

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