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September 17, 2020

Is my life strange or is the following just part of normal life?
After seeing the full footage of the George Floyd incident, I had a talk with my son about what we saw. I did not discuss justice, race, or anything worthless like that. I discussed both being intoxicated in public and cooperating with police if you are being detained. Floyd would be alive if he followed the advice that my father, my best friend's father, my grandfather, my grandmother, and some of my older friends pounded into my head about dealing with the police. That advice can be summed up as be polite, cooperate, and don't do anything to spook the officers. They are just as scared as you are in many cases, but they are more heavily armed. The place to fight a bad cop is in the courts, not the streets. This was far from the first time we had this talk, but like all important "talks", we have had this one a hundred times over the years.
One of the strangest things that keeps coming up as I have been listening to ...

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Is this the first Locals baby? Emma was born on the 16th. We’re doing well. Hope you guys are too. Xxx

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This is why God gave us sunsets. To say good bye to a troubled day. God gave us sunrises to welcome a new day filled with hope. Hugs to everyone. I am always thinking of you all 🌻

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21 hours ago
French Toast in Two Parts

Carb coma commencing now...

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