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Chris @betweenthewheels
September 18, 2020

Hi Folks,
a tiny bit of good news.
A few days ago I had a zoom call with my family. There were over twenty of us, ranging in age from 20-80. There was an even mix of male and female.
We had a friendly chat, and it turns none of them supported modern feminism. No-one identified as a feminist. The women, regardless of age, all wanted to be treated equally, and either succeed or fail based purely on merit. Wow!
I was genuinely proud!

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Everyone told us a new puppy takes a huge commitment. Definitely true and Winnie, our 4-month Portuguese Water Dog, has been worth the effort and brings hours of entertainment. I think she likes it here.

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Is this the first Locals baby? Emma was born on the 16th. We’re doing well. Hope you guys are too. Xxx

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This is why God gave us sunsets. To say good bye to a troubled day. God gave us sunrises to welcome a new day filled with hope. Hugs to everyone. I am always thinking of you all 🌻

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