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Hi Friends, a miracle has happened and my son/wife are open to hearing what we have to say about Covid-19. They are on the far end of the fear spectrum and we are on the other: rebelliously indifferent, but respectful of their desires that we wear masks bc of their kids.

CAN you help me? I'm looking for that mashup of all the conflicting "expert medical" advice over the months about covid. Was it on Tucker?

And I need the stats: "they said this many would die, but actually it has only been this many..."

How I long to see my family released from fear and panic.

This sight at their house brought true (silent) satisfaction. (After we pointed out some truth re BLM.)

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@Bulqueenie @Anorton Good morning Yoko, hear it actually rained in SoCa this morning. Roof done, Great. No news Sunday. May your day be blessed. Back in the music from the other coast.

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Is this the first Locals baby? Emma was born on the 16th. We’re doing well. Hope you guys are too. Xxx

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This is why God gave us sunsets. To say good bye to a troubled day. God gave us sunrises to welcome a new day filled with hope. Hugs to everyone. I am always thinking of you all 🌻

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