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September 19, 2020

Has it been long enough to speak honestly about how RBG lied to everybody about her health so that she could cling to her seat and try to outlast The Donald? Her last act was a petty and bitter partisan spite and the country will pay a heavy price for her malfeasance.

Or is it too soon to to speak honestly about the wrongheaded Icon who was not the first woman on the Supreme Court?

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Dental Makeover Winner

We are thrilled to announce that @Demsco's wife has been chosen for a complete dental makeover by Dr. Brady Smith. We can't wait to see Kim's new smile!

From the Beverly Hills Rally

Random person posted this pic that I just happen to be in. Note the sign above!

12 minutes ago
Crazy Right Wing Dinner!

Prager, Knowles, Klavan and Carolla coming over shortly. Will try to post a wine, whiskey, cigar pic or two for the community only later!

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