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This despicable and tragic story leaves me speechless with anger. Veteran tries to defend his bar from rioters, is jumped by 3 people and shoots, killing a perpetrator. He's indicted by a grand jury for manslaughter and various other charges. Having lost his bar, his home, and now his freedom, he commits suicide. It's all just one heartbreaking story amidst thousands of lives that have been destroyed without justice.

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Dental Makeover Winner

We are thrilled to announce that @Demsco's wife has been chosen for a complete dental makeover by Dr. Brady Smith. We can't wait to see Kim's new smile!

From the Beverly Hills Rally

Random person posted this pic that I just happen to be in. Note the sign above!

How’s my Keith Olberman impression?

Recreated his insane rant during today’s Direct Message. Full video in the content section!

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