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September 22, 2020

Over the years, I’ve received a lot of questions about love and relationships. People want to know how to attract the ideal mate or how to stay in love once they’re in a relationship.

Well, before we can talk about attracting or staying in love, let’s talk about what love is because most people have a difficult time understanding it.

You see, there’s no word that adequately describes what love is. All the words in our vocabulary are three-dimensional words. Love is something that goes beyond the third dimension. Love has to do with resonance. It’s when people come together in perfect harmony on all planes of understanding.

With that said, today I’ll talk about how to attract the ideal partner. Then, in a week or two, I’ll cover how to maintain a loving relationship.

The easiest way for me to explain how to attract the right partner is to share an example with you …

A while back, I talked with a woman who said she was looking for a mate. I asked her...

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