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September 22, 2020

You may have missed this info, it's very important. We made a huge mistake in shutting down the economy. The petty tyrants on the left coast and the Acela Zone (and Michigan) will continue to suppress the economies in their states until November 4th. The latest CBO report suggests that we will be spending the next generation digging out from under all the new debt. The only way to get out from under the crushing debt of these lockdowns is to grow out from under it. There is only 1 man in America who has demonstrated and proven the ability to do this. The Donald must be re-elected, if not, we must accept the REAL guilt and REAL burden of actually handing our children a worse country than we got, a poorer country than we enjoyed and a future defined by the CCP. Are WE really that vapid and ineffectual?

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Is this the first Locals baby? Emma was born on the 16th. We’re doing well. Hope you guys are too. Xxx

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This is why God gave us sunsets. To say good bye to a troubled day. God gave us sunrises to welcome a new day filled with hope. Hugs to everyone. I am always thinking of you all 🌻

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21 hours ago
French Toast in Two Parts

Carb coma commencing now...

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