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October 29, 2019
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7 seconds ago
Worth the read. I have to say, there are an awful lot of “we’re not sure” circling about from experts. So why is everyone rushing to get this thing? I was just shamed by my neighbors for not being vaccinated even though several of them were quite careless early on and I was not. They got covid and I didn’t. Yet... they still got vaccinated despite actually having the disease.
12 hours ago
Newsmax dropping major news I didn’t even know about!
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This is my little sis from Big Brothers / Big Sisters. She hopes to one day be a baker/pastry chef. For her 17th birthday, I asked what she wanted to do? Amanda found a recipe for a cake she wanted to make that looked WAY more difficult than I thought we could accomplish. But this wonderful young lady met the challenge! This cake took 5 HOURS to make, with Italian buttercream, American buttercream, ganache, sprinkles, an Ariana Grande tie-in... and a 3-layer Funfetti cake! This is what Amanda wanted to do for her birthday — a challenge that she could meet. So proud of her! (Amanda and I have been “matched” for 4+ years.)
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