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Lynn S@Mimi13
December 12, 2019

This is awesome! Kinda of crazy that this is now considered “cutting edge”

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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Dave is LIVE in 5!

Immune-O-Gram 12-02-20
13,588,764 IMMUNE !!
That's 412 people per 10,000 immune vs. 8 people per 10,000 who have gone to their great reward. (That's nearly 52 to 1 according to data from Johns Hopkins).

I feel the need to celebrate the number of immune people in America instead of lamenting the number of those who have passed. Goodness knows we get enough information, every moment, on how many people have been infected.
Look over my numbers and give feedback, fact checks, and any additional information I can add to my posts. Especially if you discover I'm full of Schiff.
Give Thanks. Gratitude keeps us sane.
P.S. The highly regarded Falcon from Iowa pointed out the idea that the number of infections are reported as much lower than they are. How many times have you heard there are so many people walking around without symptoms? UNREPORTED! Well, they're immune too. I'll add my opinion that the number of deaths are highly OVER reported. But these are the numbers actually ...

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Just walked through the entire mall without a mask. Yessssss.

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