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July 05, 2023

Gonna grill some fresh grouper on a cedar plank. Never tried this before. Any recommendations? (Already let it soak for 15 minutes.)

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17 hours ago

Let’s never forget what so many gave their lives defending.

Happy Memorial Day. 🇺🇸💪

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Before: Skirt, tomahawk, filet, seasoned three ways.

After: Smoked, plus homemade fresh garlic aioli (and something for the vegetarian.)

May 25, 2024

Is tomato mango salad a thing?!

The Rubin Recap
Issue 1: May 23rd, 2024



Hey There Rubinites,

Welcome to the first edition of our newsletter, The Rubin Recap! I’m excited to continue sharing facts, updates, insights, and more while always hearing your thoughts on all things Rubin Report. Let’s dive right in!

This Week on The Rubin Report: 

This week has been a whirlwind of craziness but don’t worry, The Rubin Report has got you covered. On Monday, I had a conversation with James Lindsay, a renowned author and critic of “Woke” ideology. Not only did Lindsay share his insightful perspectives, but he also served as the first co-host of our Direct Message segment, an exciting moment for the show and definitely for me. Who knows…maybe you’ll see more to come!

James and I delved into Joe Rogan’s concerns about the rise of anti-Semitism, and Gad Saad’s commentary on how America’s deep-seated empathy is steering us towards detrimental policies. We also discussed the crazy shift of black voters from Joe Biden to Donald Trump. Plus, we didn’t hold back on the intense face-off between Marjorie Taylor Greene, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Jasmine Crockett on the Congress Floor! 

On Tuesday I lightened the mood with some good news. I discussed topics ranging from the death of the Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi to Bill Maher and Greg Gutfeld's common ground in a special appearance on Fox News.

On Wednesday we expanded on our weekly theme by showcasing that Bill Maher’s disagreements with myself and Megyn Kelly are far less alienating than his disagreements with his own party. Think of the View, mainstream media, and Biden’s federal government. All are way more radical and out of touch than sane libs and sane conservatives. My friend Arynne Wexler also swung by the show for lunch and made a guest appearance! 

On Thursday we discussed the Marxist rot occurring on our college campuses in both America and across the pond at Oxford University. We cited barriers being broken with British journalist Andy Ngo’s appearance on Dr. Phil and Winston Marshall’s absolute destruction of Nancy Pelosi at his Oxford Union Debate last week. We polished off the show with a community Q&A. I always look forward to your questions, so don’t hesitate to spice them up!

As we move towards the weekend, don’t miss out on our Friday Roundtable featuring two brand new guests and seasoned journalists: Notorious Fox News columnist David Marcus and rising star reporter Aaron Sibarium at Washington Free Beacon. It’s an event you won’t want to miss! See you there!


This Week’s Sit Down Interviews: 

In my most recent Sit-Downs, I welcomed Tom Bilyeu from Impact Theory. Tom Joined me in the studio to discuss building a business, the emerging artificial intelligence scene and the capacity to shift culture, beliefs, and ethics. It was by far the most refreshing interview of the year for me. Something completely new and different.  

I also spoke with Ashira Solomon, co-host of the Israeli Talk Show, “The Quad.” Solomon shared her life as a Black Jew in Israel, addressed misconceptions about the country, and introduced her new show, the “Black and Jewish Podcast.” The full interviews for both Tom and Ashira are available on Locals so make sure to check them out!


Looking Ahead:

Kicking off our lineup for next week is Gad Saad, a friend, distinguished behavior psychologist, and professor of marketing at Concordia University. Gad was one of my first guests back in 2015 and holds the title for the most ever appearances on The Rubin Report! Known for his application of evolutionary psychology to marketing and consumer behavior, Gad’s unique perspectives promise for an incredible interview. The full video comes out on Monday ONLY on Locals! 

To watch our full interviews make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel or become a supporter of The Rubin Report on Locals!


Dave’s Fave’s and Insights:

Miami is turning up the heat, LITERALLY, as Memorial Day Weekend approaches. I’ve got some fun family plans this weekend starting with my first movie theater date in the last five years to watch Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga! Should I get Popcorn? Let me know in the comments, I’ve been on such a health grind. I'm debating if it's worth it. I’m also excited to have time for family fun, from shooting hoops to firing up the grill, and even taking a splash in the pool with the boys. 

In the kitchen this week, I revisited some classic comfort food - Chicken Parmesan, cooked to perfection in a cast iron skillet. It was a hit, and you already know I’m sharing the recipe with you all here. I also whipped up a hearty steak and eggs breakfast. I had the pleasure of dining out with my longtime friend and this week’s guest, Gad Saad. Stay tuned for more of my kitchen escapades next week!

Some other highlights of the week included these epic Shrek crocs that Brock brought into the studio - definitely the shoes of the week. I’ve also been hooked on the post-apocalyptic drama “Fallout”, a perfect series for lazy summer day binges. What about you? Any Memorial Day weekend plans? We’d love to hear!


Weekly Motivation:

To end the week I thought I’d share some weekly motivation:

We’re winning on all fronts you guys. Culturally, politically, and spiritually. Let’s hold the line and keep pushing forward! But remember, we have to continue to bring people from all walks of life in our movement and make sure we preserve a wide tent umbrella. It’s our only chance of turning this crazy world sane. 


Signing Off: 

Well, that's all folks. Make sure to share this newsletter with friends and family and continue to hop on every Thursday at 6pm EDT for my weekly updates. Let me know your thoughts on, The Rubin Recap!

Until next time, stay sane and keep the conversation going!

Bye, Ciao, Stay Hard,

Dave Rubin

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