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February 22, 2021

Back in CA after a fantastic trip to the free state of Florida. As you can see by this clearly not-doctored image, I spent most of my time there wrestling alligators and saving puppies. Does it get more American that that?!

Back in studio today at 11 am pacific!

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Garden fresh. You guys growing anything these days?

17 hours ago
Uncensored Q&A

Joe Biden style!

March 03, 2021
Live in LA!

What an absolutely incredible night in Los Angeles. About 100 of you showed up from all over the state and we took over the joint. So great meeting all of you, hearing your stories and just being out with other human beings. Truly the most fun night I’ve had in a year. You guys make me wanna be a better man!

Feel free to post your pics of the evening on the comments below.

Oh and I posted this on Twitter and tagged Gavin Newsom...

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