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Kimia @Kimia
March 23, 2020

When this happened it was not really clear how many people are arrested how many people are died due to fact that Islamic Republic of Iran has not released official numbers Reuters announced about 1500 hundred people were killed the unofficial reports estimated 7,000 arrest.

The reason I posting this now is because IRI issued 3 death penalty orders for people in these protests publicly but there are rumors that they are trying to execute even more of them in shadow that Covid-19 had spread over international news many are worried it will be very similar to mass executions of 1988 (30,000 political activist). But since it's 2020 and we do have access to social media let's keep an eye on this sometimes and not forget young people are getting slaughtered by this regime and no one even raising an eyebrow.


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My son got me into CSGO so we got shirts of our favorite teams to watch during matches. He actually asked to take a pic with me. I guess I am not a total dork. 😂

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September 20, 2020

Sunday reflections...

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