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March 31, 2020

Questions...Gay marriage was settled years ago. I don’t see any push from religions to change that. Generally they have accepted it even if they don’t approve of it. But I still see those in the gay community or in support of it protesting against religions for teaching it as a sin as well as calling to have tax exemption status removed from churches who won’t support gay marriage.

I have a few questions about this.

  1. Are these people only a minority of the gay community, or are these desires fairly standard in the community?
  2. How is taking away tax exemption suppose to work? Could a church refuse to perform legal marriages and only perform religious ones and not be penalized if this ever happens? Or are we talking about penalizing a church for saying homosexuality is a sin?
  3. Is this the kind of thing that a gay can’t fight against without facing the wrath of the gay community?

I appreciate your input as I don’t have gay friends to talk to about it. And I want to ...

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These headlines are twenty minutes apart. 🤪🤪🤪

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From Lou Perez, just kicking off on Locals

Happy Saturday Rubin Report Friends & Refugees! McDaniel Lake - Allin Sorensen Photography from 2019.

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