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Covid questions: are there any medical people here who can help clear some things up?

There is a whole lot of conflicting information going on out there, some saying you can catching the virus only from prolonged exposure of breathing the same air as someone, others saying if you happen to touch your grocery bag and then your face you can get it.

My girlfriend still has to work as she’s in social services, I do not so we have been only seeing each other for walks as my family has autoimmune issues and I don’t want to give them anything .

Is it safe for instance to hug her when I wear an N95 mask? What if she turns away when I face her? Should I have goggles on? Or should I not touch what so ever? If anyone can help clear this up that would at least give us some direction in the matter.

Thank you

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10 hours ago
The True King of Interviewing

So sad to hear about the passing of my friend, my mentor and my bonus grandfather, Larry King.

“What does it all mean? The answer is I don’t know.”

On with Judge Jeanine in 5 minutes. Talking big tech nonsense. Gonna try to give the community a shout-out!

January 22, 2021


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