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April 10, 2020

Fault vs Influence...The difference between these two seems to be something many get confused. Some believe they have zero impact on others lives while some believe that everyone else is responsible for their poor decisions.

We live in a world where we do affect each other. The things we say or do have an impact in this world. Thus our actions have influence on those around us. At times that impact is almost non existent, while at other times we are actively persuading someone to do something and the impact or influence is severe.

But influence is not the same as fault. We are not at fault for another’s actions. Every individual is responsible for their own choices regardless of how much influence they receive. We can never truthfully blame someone else for our own choices. Being influenced by someone is not equivalent to being forced by someone.

A religious means of looking at this is the difference between temptation vs sin. We are never responsible or at fault for ...

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BLM and Mr Legend in His Own Mind - can kiss my ass

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