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April 10, 2020
Okay, another controversial unspeakable question:


Let's not forget the lessons learned just yesterday (relatively). How so, so many used Victimhood as a virtue signal, and transmuted the subsequent attention into a career and financial advantage. We all know the game by now, yes?

Be wary when you hear your favorite celeb has come down with the virus. If it's true, pray for them. Pray for them and all of us either way. But if it's just another means of sympathy-transmutation, then let's consider for a moment, into what that sympathy is able to be transmuted.

Lead can be turned into various types of Gold.

First: Attention. This is the primary transmutation. Get the virus, become relevant again, catch the public's attention. Relatively harmless, and even if true, it seems a bit egotistical at best. At worst, it just seems "Smolletty. "

Second: Money. Aside from the attention an individual receives, and the various ways through which that could be cashed in, and consider how much the entire country's Victimhood has cost us. 2.2 Trillion? 6 Trillion? Even More? When you look at that stimulus check land in your account, think of the inflation which will follow, and just how much the cost of goods will rise because of all that new money? It will probably end up costing you much more than that 1200 dollars in your pocket in the long run. And more than 4 months of your Unemployment checks. And more than your business's free 8 weeks of payroll. Victimhood is certainly an expensive voucher to buy, albeit for a free monetary short term stimulus.

Third (societally very important): Panic/Fear. It's the same old spell that was cast on every minority group we've seen come out over the past few years. "This unfair reality has made me a victim, and it will make you one too. Fear it, and do anything to fight it." Victimhood will be translated into fear and panic by those who REALLY want to make something out of this situation. Sure, the stimulus money is valuable for them right now, but even more valuable is controlling the people and engineering the future in a time when our guards are down and we're fearfully vulnerable. In a state of fear, we'll look for salvation, without considering the intent of the Savior. This is the gold mine of those in power. Attention is the ore, and money is the literal gold, but FEAR is a bottomless mine leading to the heart of the golden mountain.

What can we do about this? What WILL we do when we see our leaders, our celebrities, and even our own foolish selves willingly taking the card, and making a withdrawal from the Victimhood National Bank? Are we really going to allow ourselves to cash in on this?

How do we stop this once and for all?

The game of victimhood has been discovered. And if we're not careful, we'll start playing it ourselves. It is the epitome of the old saying "The road to hell..." you know the rest.

Stay as strong as you can, don't be afraid to suffer. Don't be afraid of the rustic life, nor of pain, nor of sickness. Nor even of death.

Love each other as yourself. Love whatever is Good - and more, Love the Greatest Good.

The Greatest Good is suffered for and paid for in advance. Fools Gold is abundant, and is mined for free. But in the end, it is worthless.

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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