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Ya'll have to ask yourselves, how were we bought of so easily. I get it... Hospital beds, ventilators, flattening the curve. I see the numbers. I understand "the science." I'm not saying we sacrifice a portion of our population for the greater, economic good. We're better than that. We're not a godless, totalitarian dictatorship. We're all trying to do our part of the solution. I get that.

Just saying, crisis management has been the tactic of the collectivists for a long time. Nothing new here.

Just sayin', don't give up what you have so easily. The United States constitution and the Declaration of Independence
are the shining light on the hill top for all people, all over the earth. Lincoln knew it in the 1860's. Jefferson knew it. Jackson knew it. Reagan knew it. Even Gorbachev knew it.

Know your history people. Jefferson envisioned the educated, citizen farmer. That's what we need to be. It's hard today to know what source is the truth. Study. Look at all sides. Listen to ...

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