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Funny story....

My wife tells me Thursday around 4 or 5, “hey, we’re gonna need bread for lunch on Friday , does that work”?

“Uh.....sure, honey”!

Oh CRAP!!!!! What did I just commit to?!

In my haste....dump starter, mix in all the water at once, start trying to gently dump flour, as scale mysteriously turns off...totally blow past the stopping point to switch to whole-wheat, so just continuing to dump BF, guessing where to stop.

Dump salt.

Mix together.

Slap in some S&F. Hastily preshape, quick rest, final shape, dump in proofing baskets, and throw in the fridge until 6AM.


Most haphazardly thrown together recipe ever, and THIS is what I get.

Nice to have a win, every now and again

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