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@DaveRubin I am so pissed that EVERY time I search for your name and ANY OTHER search parameter, I get at LEAST three google search results pages spouting blatant defamation against you—either that or gross misrepresentation and LIES. It makes me sick, absolutely sick. Not like identity politics means anything but a Gay, married, pro-choice Jew seems like about the WORST person the “Right” would want to have as an ally. Fucking idiots in the media man. Absolute unforgivable ignorance.

Edit: I just wanted to have some names to show them how awesome Dave is as an interviewer before telling them he wished them well in Italy since they live there.

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Not surprised. I lived in Longview for some time and strange things were going on for years! I worked with Kasha Williams, who ran against Commissioner Shannon, and thought she would have been better. She had been on City Council and fought for her constituents! She should definitely sue now! Longview, Texas is almost solidly Republican and I sympathized with the Democrats for a time. They were mostly sane and kept out of the crazy things we see now.

People often ask me why I never tweet before having coffee. This Golden Girls clip sums it up quite well...

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