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Someone sent this to me. Your thoughts and opinions?
Good morning, It is not the China nation that did it. Yes it was released in China so we think. Just be aware it is the "deep state" the powers thatrule the world , not the elected people. Just know the lab in Wuhan is owned by George Soros. Financed but many including the Gates Foundation and as was just announced with Grants from Dr Fauci the head of the CDC a deep state operative after it was considered too dangerous and of no value to study itin our Universities in the US. The New World Order is going full tilt ahead as they feel they are loosing control with people across the world vote moreconservative. Trump is just the biggest price, there are more nations like GB exiting the EU and voted conservative so are India, Brazil, Australia anda few others. There are other elements to this one is the 5G implementation that changes biological makeup of DNA and the ability of blood to carry oxygen

@Six-Tenths, They sent me this


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