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I wrote this few months back and I have myself found that training is even more important now than before. Keeps you sane. But as with all the info out there training advice has the same problem. Too much of it to orient yourself from reading to action. Here I offer few thoughts about it.

I feel that now a days it is even harder to orient yourself towards a goal as there is so many different "right ideas" that it makes the actually good stuff get lost in the mix. Or you just can't decide. Or know the difference between what works and not.

To me it can be seen in the idea of program hopping for example. You start a program and switch it before any real progress can happen. Hence the name Program hopping.

I have myself fallen to that same trap many times. Still do. I start something, feel good, then maybe a bad workout bums me out and I get pushed out of my center, start to feel doupt and the fucking rabbit hole begins. Click ...

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Went to a friend’s birthday party at her unbelievable house last night. Fantastic music, food and atmosphere. @davidjanet even got me to dance. Of course the police showed up and apologized for even having to be there. After a little chaos the party continued. Life finds a way! (Yes, there were fire-wielding belly dancers!)

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20 hours ago

About to get a haircut. Think it was time...

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