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April 26, 2020

Americans no longer trust China: Peter Navarro

Peter Navarro is the director of the 'Office Of Trade And Manufacturing Policy' and IMHO is one of the few BS people in Washington.
In the video he talks about "The 4 kills."

1. The Chinese spawned the virus most likely from a weapons lab.
2. They knowingly hid that virus for 6 weeks
3. While they were hiding the virus, they vacuumed up all the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 2 billion masks,
4. They are using the PPE as a weapon to profiteer selling $.50 masks for $8.

I've also included a bit from his WikiPedia page:

I've included Navarro's page to illustrate how low WikiPedia has sunk in the partisanship ship.

"... Navarro's views on trade are significantly outside the mainstream of economic thought, and are widely considered fringe and misguided by other economists.[4][5][6]" (NTY, The Economist, Bloomberg)

After that, ...

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