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Dave Rubin is Out of Ideas - Business Insider.

@DaveRubin not sure if you saw this. Pretty harsh article. I normally like some of Business Insider stuff so I looked up the author, Anthony L Fisher. Turns out he's a former Vox, Buzzfeed, Daily Beast and continue down the trough writer and producer. So, it all of a sudden made sense. You've got a book now so the crosshairs are out and they are dialed in on you. You've got thick skin but... some friendly advice from a former Navy Seal... watch your six. These people are crazy. I'm not being funny (though I normally am). When out at night: Park with your driver door on the side of the store exit and under a lamp; Take wide turns around street corners when walking; don't let Clyde out of your sight - even in the backyard (they could throw poisoned jerky over your fence); keep your windows rolled up when driving-always. Put a glass shield on your phone and nonchalantly check it while walking, sitting in a restaurant, use as ...

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September 20, 2020

Sunday reflections...

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