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May 02, 2020

So yesterday we went to the beach after the rally and you are still allowed to do "ocean activities". Can you lay or sit down? No. Apparently that isn't "ocean activity" enough. A State Park employee was at the entrance to warn us about what was acceptable. I had a bag of sand toys and asked if that was ok since that is a typical ocean activity. He said that some cops will allow it, but others might stop us, and just do it until they say no. An SUV did come across the beach and talk to a family that was sitting on a blanket. They were allowed to stay, but did get up to go in the water after, so not sure if he told them no sitting, go play. Then the officers sat in their car and watched us all at the beach. Weird to think you need a cop to stare at everyone to make sure we all aren't breaking the law, at a beach of all places, since now the simplest of things might be illegal.

Went to another rally in Lancaster today. A gal rolled down her window and told me, politely, that I should...

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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