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Several of the left AND right leaning podcasts I listen to are starting to float the idea of an “immunity badge” ...

I’ve started to hear this term floated and normalized by podcasters who are supported by right and left leaning causes, financial backers, and think tanks.

Please, let me know when the Third Reich authorizes my gold star so I can wear it proudly !?!?!?!? [insert sarcasm here]

Why can’t us American’s be asking better questions and trying to hold two thoughts in our mind at the same time?

Questions like, how can we responsibly reopen the economy as soon as possible while also being cognizant of public health & safety issues?

How can we simultaneously treat all businesses and employees as essential, because they are, while also caring about the health of our citizens?

How can we continue to work on flattening the curve, while also accepting that, YES, some people will die, AND that an economy left in shambles will cause countless more people to ...

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I was going to post a story about another RINO endorsing Biden. But instead, enjoy this sea otter. It makes me happier.

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Beautiful Sunday afternoon. Flathead Lake Polson, MT

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Bingo 💡

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