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Dude, my irritation level with these one star review trolls is extremely high. But it causes me to think that, A. I’ve never read a review on Amazon and had that stop or propel me toward a purchase and B. @DaveRubin could wear this as a badge of honor. Everything you’ve done, and what’s written in that text has caused some serious turmoil on the left. If the book was genuinely bad or poorly written as those reviews suggest, the average person with a brain can honestly recognkze that these one star reviews wouldn’t be out in the full force, over the top nature that they are. That being said, I feel like there’s one way to defeat those one star reviews as I see it. One of us writes a 5 star review, and in that review we talk about how fake the subsequent one stars are. We then have to like the shit out of that one review and that one review alone and continue to click helpful on it over and over so that it rises to the top and supplants all of the one stars that sit ...

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