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Rob @MauiRob
May 09, 2020

I just have to get this off my chest! I was just reading this article a friend of mine posted on Facebook because I was intrigued by the title which exposes what I believe to be true: that we are being presented with a false dichotomy with respect to COVID-19 and reopening the economy. so anyway, I’m reading along in an article that has absolutely nothing to do with race and/or economic disparity influencing people‘s ability to get testing at all when suddenly I run into this quote :

"We are saying, 'If you have money and you're white, you can do well here,'" he continued, "'If you're not, good luck to you.'"

It was so completely out of place it was as if it had been copied and pasted into the article from another piece altogether! Let me know if you agree with my assessment because I can find no explanation for it being there other than the desire to virtue signal to progressives and say “hey don’t worry we are woke”


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What have you found is the best way to recruit new members to Locals? The other social platform bots seem to weed-out there a simple way to recruit through the Locals app? Thanks!

Went to an illegal backyard dinner last night. Illegal fun (including tequila) was had by consenting adults. Please don’t report us.

No live show today as I wanted to give my guys a four day weekend with MLK Day on Monday.

Anyone got good weekend plans?

January 14, 2021

This might be the greatest correction of all time.

Good work there, CNN...

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